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We at DGBG want to thank our fans for their overwhelming support! So much going
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What is G-Core?
G-Core is a simple set of rules for use in any genre. Spawned and updated for the
modern gamer, G-Core roots come from the original Marvel™ Superheroes Role-
Playing Game or more famously known as FASERIP. This ISN'T the original FASERIP
nor is it a product of Marvel Comics, but it is 99% compatible with it.

Things we've updated:
-Talents have now become Special Focus
--Special Focus makes more out of a character's specialties
-Instead of Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intuition, and Psyche we
now have: Rumble, Agility, Might, Moxie, Smarts, Perception and Spirit.
-The tables are gone! After play testing using a simple ten-sided die, we found a
better way to make resolutions! By doing this it became MUCH more comic book
than the previous incarnation.   
-Character Generation has moved into a block based system. It is mapped out to
avoid confusion. Creation takes around 10 to 15 minutes for adults. 15 to 30
minutes for younger children. The process, however, is always kept exciting.

Worried about real compatibility?
We took a character from the old FASERIP game and changed it to G-Core in less
than 20 seconds!

Selling Points:
-Easy to learn rules
-Kid friendly
Complete Rules
-including: 1d10 mechanics, powers list, game master support
-Only needs a ten-sided die
-Compatible with FASERIP
-LOADS of FREE online FASERIP material
-Best of all a LOW cost PDF! ONLY 2.50 USD

3rd Party License:
-Support Material Licenses Available
-Simple to understand
-Simply contact
Jay at Dilly Green Bean Games if you are interested.
-DGBG reserves the right to deny a 3rd party license.
G-Core Products
-Core rules
-Current PRIMARY rules PDF

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