It's been a while since our last update. From the 600 page Guardian Universe REVIVAL to Xandoria RPG, we have
been working hard for YOU the fans. Check out our G-Core page and full catalogue for all the new goodness!

It's been a busy year here on the farm. From Guardian Universe: Revival to Stairs of the Immortal, it's been non-stop.
We even launched the relaunch of Xandoria! 2017 will have much more! Stay tuned!

We wanted to give TotalCon a shout out for another great convention! FULL tables a each event and in some cases
DOUBLE tables!

More and more stuff keeps popping up on the farm. We finally released all the Guardian Universe: Revival Volume 1
PDFs. Now back to working on Xandoria and Stairs of the Immortal.

Want to learn how to play G-Core? Check out TSR's Game School Podcast! CLICK HERE

Guardian Universe: Revival has gone LIVE!

Loads of new PDFs!
Chronicle 00: Book 1 is in print!
Xandoria GunPou! Board Game is almost ready for launch!
And later this year a new Xandoria RPG product line will start!

G-Core PRIME is now in print! You can get it at Amazon.com or any MAJOR Bookstore.
Stairs of the Immortal, a wicked Fantasy RPG is available in PDF format at RPGNow.
Chronicle 00: Book 1 is heading to print.
Lots going on this year!

It has been a couple years since I have posted news. So let's get caught up!
G-Core PRIME was released and won the Bamsfies Player's Choice 2014!
2015 will be a year of putting books in print.
I am also working on a Mekton Zero product called Chronicle 001: Sortie. That will be a tactical game.
Stairs of the Immortal was converted to a new form of G-Core. Playtests went well. That will be going to print this year.

I want to thank all our fans who constantly support us! Without you we'd be nothing.

The biggest release from Dilly Green Bean Games is FINALLY HERE! Chronicle 00: Book 1! Get it HERE

We are so close to the release of our BIGGEST game this year! Chronicle 00: Book 1 is just about ready to launch!
225 pages of PURE science fiction fun and adventure in a world that will set off a chain reaction for the next thousand

It has been really busy at Dilly Green Bean Games! KaPookie Theatre! APD Files! Streets of Fire! And more G-Core
like UN SPecials: Revival! We have been a little more active on Facebook lately, but we wanted to update this page
And a HIGHLIGHT NOTE: In a recent poll, G-Core came in above and tied with several BIG NAMED
superhero RPG systems! Thank you to all the fans!

Hard to believe that G-Core DELUXE hardcover is now available! Thank you to all the fans that made this possible!
Still not sure about G-Core? Come play in one of our games at TotalCon this coming weekend!

We wanted to thank the SnowCon staff for a great time this year!
Also up: TeddyVerse for G-Core! This is a kid friendly collection of cute superheroes!

Xandoria Galaxies for G-Core is available as a PDF! Check it out!
Also check out our Christmas FREEBIE for G-Core!

We have been busy over here on the farm. We just released Dark Days: Week 4, Super ThrillKill and The Most
Dangerous Species! All for G-Core!

Chronicle 00: Book 1 for G-Core is coming along. The regular GU3 product line is slowing down. We are looking at
wrapping up the setting and moving on.

G-Core Deluxe is now available! BUY HERE! You get LOADS of cool stuff and the rules have been tweeked for
even EASIER game play!

Xandoria Galaxies is now available in PDF format! 5 years in the making!

Dark Days: BlackBolt is now available! The Horde have come to the Guardian Universe! Also available: G-Core
Powered Up #5!

Happy Birthday G-Core! One year old and still going!

Xandoria Gaiden IV is available!
Xandoria Galaxies is in edit!
Catch Jay Libby on the Tri-Tack Podcast Beach Edition coming soon!

It's been a crazy Summer. Since last time we have released Omega and the Guardians, Go Getter Boy Robo and
Zeta Cavalry, all for G-Core. Up next for G-Core will be Xandoria Gaiden IV.

In other news,
Xandoria Galaxies is now complete. We are doing final edits and the cover. Phantasy Star fans are
going to want to kill for this product that takes place 100 years after the Xandoria Saga Collection (available in print
and PDF formats). The survivors have fled the Xandorian System, but the Darkness is all reaching. Add to that SHIVA
revealed at LAST!

So much G-Core! 16 G-Core DGBG products are available for you! Some of them are FREE!

It's been a busy start to 2011. G-Core has been our dominating product and we can't seem to release enough of it. We
want to thank everyone at TotalCon for a blast two weeks back! Ran some great stuff including G-Core! Of course
with a new year comes.....emergency surgery and the flu. But we are back up and running! More to come! Oh and
check out our new G-Core Yahoo Group and DGBG Blog!

G-Core is now in print! Dilly Green Bean Games wants to thank the 100+ fans that made it possible! You can buy it
the cheapest at Barnes and Noble!

G-Core will be heading to print on Friday. We are not sure of the street date yet because we jumped on this WAY
ahead of normal schedule. But fans will be the first to know.

Well G-Core has been doing really well for DGBG! We have tried to put out one support product each week! We
started with Monsters' Twilight, then GodTech Technical Manual and today: War of the Worlds 2010!

Holy cow has it been a while!!! Well guess what? G-Core Super Hero Role-Playing System has just been released.
FASERIP fans will want to get their hands on this little gem! Only $2.50! For more info go
Did we mention we went to I-Con this year and GU CST was a HIT??!!!??!! That's right, Fuzion living large! Thanx to
Dregg as always for setting us up! And thank you to Aaron Rosenberg and Jess Hartley for some fun times! Also thanx
to Mary, Blix, Mike, and the staff at I-Con!

Guardian Universe Covert Strike Teams is now in PRINT!!!! Only $15.00!

We've been working hard on the farm lately! Guardian Universe Covert Strike Teams has gone to the printers! Add to
that loads of support material and now the official Guardian Universe Facebook page! It's win win!

DGBG would like to thank TotalCon and I-Con for amazing experiences these past 3 months! At TotalCon we had a
blast running the first demos for Xandoria Galaxies! Not to mention some mini-games! Then at I-Con we FILLED our
table for the Guardian Universe CST zombi game! GUCST will be heading to print soon! We want to say maybe May?
Possibly sooner! But again thank you to the two cons, especially Angie and Dregg!

So much going on in 2010 we're not even sure where to start! We have updated Chronicle 002's layout and content for
PDF format. Guardian Universe Covert Strike Teams got a face lift and content change. We will be doing a demo of
Xandoria Galaxies for the first time this weekend at TotalCon! There are 4 support products for GUCST: Team 13,
The Harvest, Armored Conflict, and Legacy Inc! Things to look for in 2010... GU CST in print! A possible print
release of Xandoria Galaxies! MORE GUCST support! Chronicle 002 in print!
......and what is up with the missing Indian?

We have been busy prepping for TotalCon and releasing wave after wave of Mini-Games as part of the iNDi RPG
Mini-game-a-thon! Lots of $1.00 games! Get them at RPGnow!

We have launched Guardian Universe CST v3! Get more powers and another race. Fans of horror and classic comics
will love the new path GU CST has taken. There is something here for everyone! Pick it up at RPGnow. Also coming
soon: The Harvest. Meet the vampires that work the super end of the Blood Queen's reign!
In other news: Xandoria Galaxies is coming along. The holidays have begun, so production has slowed down a little.

Meet Team 13 for Guardian Universe CST: BUY HERE

Chronicle 002: Cybermorph Invasion is now available as a PDF! This is the RPGNow release. Look for the RPGbomb
release soon!

Chronicle 002: Cybermorph Invasion is almost here! Go to our Product's Page to see the preview pages!

Guardian Universe CST is finally available! Get the sequel to the cult classic Guardian Universe Core Fuzion. This time
powers aren't enough. Now you need your gun!

DGBG got nominated for an ENnie Publisher Fan award! Big news for the farm!
We will also be attending OGC in Nashua NH on the 25th! Come get your copy of Chronicle 001 in print, play GI Joe
the RPG and then attend a business seminar with the iNDiRPG crew at dinner! Lots of fun!

We wanted to send our sympathies out to Billy Mays's family. He was a brilliant pitchman and will be missed.

The long awaited Chronicle 001: Xenomorph Invasion is now in print! Loaded with TONS of gaming material to keep
your games on the edge for a while!

We had a blast doing the Cystic Fibrosis walk this year. DBGB sponsored Wishes 4 William. Jay Libby designed the
team shirts and then sucked wind for the walk. It wa sa nice cool day too!

The totally NON-Game book and memoir: The Not So Right Way To Survive Cancer Part II is finally here! Want to
know some of the darkest things about Jay Libby? Read his ground-breaking memoir covering the second time he had
cancer. Meet Jason Amerkanian too! This is the beginning of the DGBG legacy!

It's another year on the farm and we are going strong. Chronicle 001 is selling well and Chronicle 002 is in production.
So what is new for 2009? All top secret. But you can pick up a FREE rough-cut version of the Guardian Universe CST
Player's Handbook on Fuzion Forum. We will be at TotalCon this year, so come by and play 3 cool games including:
X-Men (Using GU2), Phantasy Star (Using Xandoria Saga Collection) and Aliens Vs. Predator (Using Chronicle 001).

With Chronicle 001 out in PDF format and selling HOT, DGBG has released Fleet Week. This FREE PDF includes
almost ALL the ships found in the Chronicle 001: Xenomorph Invasion RPG! A must have for fleet junkies!

Xandoria Saga Collection is finally here! 300 pages of killer science/fantasy gaming! BUY HERE!

Dilly Green Bean Games attended OGC in New Hampshire this weekend and had a blast. We ran GU2 and the new
version of Xenomorph Invasion. Thank you to John and Lisa for inviting us!

Well here we go again! Guardian Universe II: Player's Handbook is finally here! This book was released as a
supplement to our GU2 core book. It contains ALL the rules and character generation from each section of the GU2
book. Well worth it! Pick it up at Barnes and Nobles for $9.00 (regular price $11.00).

It's been a while be we are still hard at work. So what has Jay Libby been up to? Xandoria v2 is still going strong. We
have removed some rules and replaced them with Fuzion Bloks, our new Fuzion based system. This means Xandoria
v2 will get a whole new ISBN and a whole new look! Over 300+ pages long! You'll get Xandoria Gaiden 1-3 and
Lost System too!

Xenomorph Invasion: The Game is heading towards the big discontinued bin in the sky. Why? Because Jay has gone
and redone the book the way it was meant to be! Fun! Easy! TONS OF SETTING! Keep your first XI book for
advanced rules, but pick up the new one for more Mechs! Aliens! Gear! Armor! Hell! All coming this year!

Guardian Universe II is doing well. It was rated 4 stars at RPGNow. You can also pick up the PDF handbook too!
The print version has been delayed while Jay cranks XIv2.

Guardian Universe: Covert Strike Teams is in full production. We are currently adding the massive list of NPCs. Check
out our PDF page for the FREE online intro Comic!

What is Mortis Americas? You'll have to wait and see!

In other fun news Blix and Jay were featured artists in the new R. Talsorian Cyberpunk v3 book: Edgerunners. Once
again the dream team delivered AWESOME art! Good job!

What's coming in the future? Jay and his wife are writing an awesome TBS Fantasy RPG for release sometime in the
future. Also look for some more TBS stuff from our future TBS: Foundations line with Silven writer Kyle!

The Guardian Universe II: Player's Handbook is available at RPGnow! PDF Format, Digest size. Great way to keep
people from Meta-Gaming!

First we want to send out sympathies to the family of Gary Gygax, one of the Godfathers of the RPG industry. Rest in

Onto company news.
We have been busy working on a lot of projects. We have GU2: Black Galaxy War in production. This GU2 PDF will
lead into the new Fuzion Bloks Guardian Universe Covert Strike Teams RPG. The GU2 Player's Handbook digest and
GM's digest are done. We just need to throw the covers on and send them to the printers.

The Xenomorph Invasion Player's Handbook Digest is in the works.

Xandoria Revised got put on hold for a second while we get caught up on current books. Fear not, the beast has only
200 more pages of art left out of 300!

Then get ready for the ADULT RPG: Mortis Americas. Check out the page on our site. The end is nigh! The end has
come and gone and all there is left is misery.

Guardian Universe CST is underway. I have almost finished the Player's Handbook. This sequel to the classic Guardian
Universe Core Fuzion uses the Fuzion Blok system. Meanwhile the layout for the GU2 Player's Handbook is done. We
just need to add the table of contents and do the cover. Soon GU2 will be even more accessible to fans!

In XI news I have recruited one of the ORIGINAL XI developers in helping me do a XI Player's Handbook in a Digest
format. Easier to use and play!

Xandoria Core Fuzion v2 is still going strong. Every Tuesday Jay Libby is cranking art. His progress report has him up
to page 80 of 300!

We also want to thank John and Lisa Sussenberger for their constant support. We had a good time at OGC this year.
Next year we hope to be there all weekend!

Guardian Universe II is about to get some really cool backup. We are currently working on a player's handbook that
will be specifically for players (yep). This way GMs don't have to worry about meta gamers. Then we will be releasing
a Game Master's book which will cover all the material that a GM needs to run the game along with great additional
support material.

Xandoria Core Fuzion revised is now up to 300 pages of solid text! The game is currently in re-layout and all new art is
being added. Good times!

In more Guardian Universe news we are also putting together Guardian Universe Core Fuzion II player's handbooks
and GM books. This GU series will follow events on the Fuzion Earth. It will include a new character generation system
for Fuzion!

Dilly Green Bean Games is happy to announce Issue #1 of Power Overwhelming, the official E-zine for Guardian
Universe II! Get new powers, new characters, more plot and much more!
Also get a preview chapter from Xenomorph Invasion: The Game and the character sheet. CLICK HERE!

Dilly Green Bean Games has been busy! Guardian Universe II: Power Overwhelming is now available. Check out our
GU2 page for more info and the official review. Then check out our
Xenomorph Invasion page to get more info on our
Fuzion Mekton powered RPG!

It's here at last! Guardian OmegaVerse's core rules have been posted! This will be a FREE Guardian Universe product
line that may be used with other 4c products. You can also use it with the classic Marvel Superheroes RPG!
Check it out here!

Do to an error in the Guardian Universe II layout, we have had to submit a revision to our printer. Anyone who has
bought GU2 will need to download the new
PAGE 8 here, which includes the VITAL Bonus table for character
creation. We apologize for missing this. We do suggest right clicking and saving directly to your computer.

MORE GU2 FREEBIES! Get two team leaders from Operation: Storm Shadow! Click Here!
Also swing by the Cancer Community Center Auction. Jay has donated a piece of art Signed by R. A. Salvatore,
Cyberpunk Flashpack and Gangs of Night City!
Click HERE!

It's time for 2 more heroes for GU2. Click HERE!
Also, look for the online FREEBIE Guardian Universe game: Guardian OmegaVerse. This will be using the classic
FASERIP system. Fans of the old Marvel Superheroes game will want to check back every couple of weeks for more
FREE stuff!

Only a couple weeks until Guardian Universe II: Power Overwhelming hits the market. We have posted the character
sheet on our GU2 page along with details about the FULL COLOR RPG!
-Jay Libby and Jay Amerkanian will be attending I-Con this year after a break. This year we are just there to answer
questions, sign books and make people smile. We might run a GU2 demo.

Time for another online NPC! Meet the 99, the living spirit of speed! Click HERE!
~Note: This is a dedication to Jay Libby's grandfather Phil Libby who raced at Beach Ridge back in the day. Phil lost
his battle with cancer last year.

We have added another hero for your GU2 games! Meet Sir Dorian Pendragon, the first Mystically Bestowed
Guardian! Click
HERE to meet him!

Guardian Universe II is coming along. It should be out of layout in the next week or two. So put down those old
wanna-be super hero RPGs and get ready for the real deal!

With Christmas just around the corner Dilly Green Bean Games is offering up a one-shot comic book for our fans in
PDF format. Check it each day to see the new page leading up to Christmas!
Over the next week I will be diving into a dark side of Christmas. Join Simone as she confronts her Christmas horrors
that have haunted her yearly. Is it just bad luck for those around her, or does something else have an agenda?

GU2 is in layout. But why wait to see what groovy stuff is inside? CLICK HERE for our first online NPC!

Guardian Universe 2: Power Overwhelming is almost complete. In the meantime go to our GU2 page and check out the

DGBG's Basic V system came in last for best free RPG of 2005! In other news.......
-Our very own Jay Libby recently completed art for the all new Cyberpunk Flashpack and is currently working on
more art for Cyberpunk with his Mentor Blix from Studio 187.
-Xenomorph Invasion is underway with John Sussenberger and TJ working the mech designs and Fuzion rules. It's
already getting hype!
-Guardian Universe II is wrapping up production. We want to thank Dave from Crossroad Games and Brenden for all
the help in working the kinks out.

Portland, Maine's annual Port Con is this weekend! Come and hang out, watch anime, buy anime, buy RPGs and other
Dilly Green Bean Games will be there promoting Guardian Universe II and running demos. But that's not all!
Jay Libby, loved and hated by all, will be promoting Cyberpunk Flashpack and signing copies! Anyone who orders a
copy or buys a copy through Crossroad Games with receive a LIMITED edition CPv3 collector card, signed by the
artist himself! Sweet deal! Jay will also be handing out signed GU2 collector cards to anyone who plays the GU2 Demo!
All DGBG demos and appearances will be on SAT ONLY, from 9am-midnight (or whenever it slows down to the
point of dull)
Also check out R.A. Salvatore!
It's going to be a killer weekend!

Guardian Universe Core Fuzion 1.5 is now available through our website! The PDF is just $5.00. If you already own
the Print version e-mail us and we'll ask you some GU Trivia. Get the questions right and you get the PDF for FREE!

We have also hired John Sussenberger to the DGBG design staff for our super HUGE release of 2006/2007. Welcome

DGBG will NOT be attending I-Con this year. While we are pretty bummed out about the whole thing we plan on using
Port Con and OGC to launch TBSv4 this Summer. We'll be handing out the TBSv4 rules in a handy booklet! We'll also
be selling art done by our own Jay Libby.

Guardian BabyVerse has been released! Click on over to our E-Books' section and get this hip and happening
superhero RPG for younger ages!

Welcome to the revamped Dilly Green Bean Games! To cut down on mess we have changed the site around a bit.
Look for new pages each day.

Current Events from the Farm:
Guardian Universe TBS (The Basic System) products have been pulled to make way for our new line of GU
merchandise. Thank you to everyone who supported the products. GU: Fists and Steel will still be available until GU2 is

Guardian BabyVerse: Adventures in the Diaper Dimension is done. We are currently tapping the layout with help from
Bob LeBlanc. This NEW and FREE PDF uses TBSv4/TBS Kidsv2. This game is fun for all ages.

Xenomorph Invasion RPG is now in full production. Jon Sussenberger is currently working on tech material and rules
for Fuzion and will be providing more material to be used.

Congrats to Jay Libby who recently became the voice of Cyberpunkv3's alpha thunder. He is also currently working on
a project for Silven Crossroads.

DGBG is planning to attend I-Con this year. We will be bringing some cool art to sell since we haven't released a book
this year.