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What is Chronicle 00: Book One?
Designed as a prequel to Chronicle 001, this game has taken a whole new

It's 2075. World governments demonstrated their inability to manage their
money and now the very corporations they had demonized have rescued the
world economy from total annihilation. But are things any better? Natural
disasters and global restructuring have left the mantle of humanity in a fragile
state. A rogue US Navy Admiral and an entire fleet have turned into pirates,
loved by the people. Rumors of mannequins with souls are growing. And in
the nightmares of those who play New Eden, the name Zeon echoes. All
while science evolves on epic levels. Is it all us? Or are there other forces at
work from beyond our solar system?

This is the first chapter in Chronicle 00!

Player will be able to assume the roles of couriers detectives, entertainers,
police, and more!

They will be able to chose from the coolest bio-tech and cyber-tech.

Chronicle 00 has been hailed as 'one of the most immersive games I've ever
played' ~Douglas Pourier (RPGBomb)

Cut down on game prep time with this 90 card deck featuring 2 full teams of
NPCs and multiple generic NPC cards to help keep track on encounters or
multiple generics. You can buy it

Core Rules


APD Files
This product is Rated 'M' for Mature.
Chronicle 00:
Book 1
Not the Singularity
"It could easily be the future we should fear coming to pass."

"..this is a rich setting with lots of subplots." ~Curt Meyer

"He (Jay Libby) has chosen to step outside the normal tropes and
create a setting that is vibrant and easy to understand even by
today's standards."
Chris Cortright

"One of the most immersive games ever written"~Douglas Poirier

Swords and Stitches
"This is a world on the edge of destruction with some very dark
sociological overtones."